Address: 580 E. Jackson Street, San Jose, CA 95112

(408) 294-2440

Mission Statement

Holy Cross Catholic Parish, in the Diocese of San Jose, is a diverse multi-cultural community of believers. We are rich in tradition, rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and inspired by the Holy Spirit. Holy Cross provides an atmosphere in which parishioners are nurtured through on-going faith formation, sacramental and liturgical celebrations, and other social and religious events. We are called to share our faith with the world in which we live.

Serve the Church

We understand and acknowledge that becoming Catholic isn't just a one-time event that happens at a person's Baptism. It is a whole lifetime of learning how to live in a way that reflects the message of Christ and the Scriptures and the teaching and tradition of the Catholic Church. In a sense, we are becoming Catholic every day because we are always striving to understand how Christ would have us respond to the daily events of our lives. Each day, through all the stages and circumstances of our lives, we try to deepen our faith and grow in our likeness of Christ.

Serve the Diocese of San Jose

As part of the Diocese of San Jose, the Catholic Church in Santa Clara County. We are a community rooted in Baptism—hearing and keeping God’s word and recognizing our relationship to one another as children of God. We welcome and encourage all to join us in our community and in making a difference by proclaiming and building up God’s coming kingdom. We serve the people of this valley in collaboration and conjunction with scores of Catholic organization dedicated to carrying out Christ’s mission on earth.

Serve the World

As one of a few truly international institutions in the world today, the Catholic Church maintains a worldwide faith. Our vision is to reach beyond international boundaries to achieve a universal appreciation of the Catholic faith. We are a diverse center of faith, undivided by social constructions, and united as sisters and brothers in Jesus Christ.
Staffed by the Missionaries of St. Charles Scalabrinians

Our Team

Becky Kooij

Parish Secretary

Fr. Miguel Alvarez, cs

Parochial Vicar